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Look back at the INSPIRE 2021 conference

Recordings and presentations are now available online

Missed the INSPIRE 2021 Conference? Don’t worry, you can now find the recordings and presentations online.

The 5-day event has been a great organisational success, with 13 interactive sessions followed live from 55 countries around the theme “Towards a Common European Green Deal data space for environment and sustainability”.

The event clearly highlighted the relevance of the INSPIRE Directive - now more than ever - in creating awareness, competence, and capacity across Europe and making data discoverable and accessible. The Directive is a key enabler for exchanging and publishing geospatial data of the European Green Deal.

INSPIRE 2021 furthermore showed that metadata catalogues, which make publishing open data possible, are evolving quickly and dynamically. The EU Member States are working hard to stay on top of this trend by developing solutions that connect open data to INSPIRE.

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