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Luxembourg taking next steps with Open Data

Newly created workgroup to coordinate Open Data policy

What should be the next steps for Open Data in Luxembourg? With the recent creation of a National Open Data Portal and new legislation to secure the provision of Public Open Data, the Luxembourgish government is now looking at the next steps it should take to leverage Open Data further.

To seek input from the re-users, the government invited public players on 10 of June to hear their ideas. The subject of this meeting was how re-use can be "facilitated" and how re-users can be more "proactively" involved in the national portal while aligning the re-use with the high economic and societal value datasets. A much needed collaboration of forces because while the government offers a wide array of datasets, the value creation only comes from the developers who re-use the data for new applications. The government also decided to set up a working group 'Open Data' to coordinate the Open Data policy within the public sector. Want to know more about Open Data in Luxembourg?

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