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Recap on the EDP webinar on GoogleAI

Discover insights into GoogleAI from Natasha Noy in the EDP’s “The Future of Open Data Portal series”

On Tuesday 17 November, as part The Future of Open Data Portal webinar series, the European Data Portal (EDP) hosted Natasha Noy for a discussion on the Google dataset search engine. In this session, Natasha talked about her work at GoogleAI where her team works on making structured data on the Web, in all its different forms, more accessible and useful.

This project group has developed the Google Dataset Search, which enables users to find datasets stored across the Web. During the talk, Natasha stressed the need for open ecosystems in order for data discovery to remain meaningful. She also shared how she envisions the future of international data portals such as the EDP and how a fruitful collaboration with tech giants such as Google can exist.

The recording of the session is available on the EDP YouTube Channel.

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