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Results from Italian Open Data research published

The Italian Open Data market is still immature

Recently, the results of an Italian research on the use of Open Data by companies were published. The research, called '200 Italian Open Data' is the first systematic study on Italian companies that use Open Data in their activities to generate products and services and create social and economic value. The project is developed by Govlab - New York University in collaboration with the Bruno Kessler Foundation, a research institute based in Trento.

The project aimed to provide a basis for evaluating the impact of Open Data in Italy. It not only wanted to make a 'photograph' of the current state of play regarding the use of Open Data by companies, but it also wanted to stimulate the dialogue between public administrations and entrepreneurs, facilitating the matching of supply and demand.

The results indicate that the Italian market is still immature, as business models based on Open Data are struggling to be sustainable. Data provided is not always in line with market demands: the most requested data is cadastral data, which is still missing according to the research.

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