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Series of Irish Open Data workshops

New initiative to foster collaboration

Open Knowledge Ireland ran the first of a series of 4 citizen workshops focused on exploring use cases of Open Data. The workshop took place on 25 March, and focused on discovering how Open Data can help the ever present Hospital Waiting List problem. The workshop was supported by the Irish Open Data engagement fund. With the workshop, a space was created to build engagement around Open Data and hospital waiting lists and it offered participants a practical way to get involved. The workshop was possible because in December 2016, the NTPF published Hospital Waiting List Data on as machine readable data for the first time. Hospital Waiting List data can now be found here, here, and here.

The workshop benefited from having experienced professionals from a range of new and disruptive fields of industries and expertise. This first workshop focused on identifying and discovering the patient journey, the data that is available, creating an operating model for use case creation using Open Data and creating a long list of potential use cases for prioritisation at the second workshop.

The second workshop of this series will take place at 20 May in Dublin. Register here to be sure you do not miss this event!

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