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Want to improve your professional skills in Open Data?

Course on Open Data Governance and Use

Do you have an interest in opening, governing and using Open Data in your organisation but you feel like you want to have more professional knowledge or experience in that field? The Delft University of Technology is organising an online course on this subject which can help you get a good starting position to fulfil your ambitions with Open Data. The course will touch upon all elements of Open Data, presenting the potential of Open Data as well as the challenges that need to be faced in order to materialise its benefits.

To provide the participants with tangible experience on how to work with Open Data, the course will delve into the tools and methods required to design Open Data policies and how to use them. For example how to visualise the data or how to use it to conduct analyses. In order to give participants the preparation that allows them to tackle the Open Data challenges themselves after the course, the lectures, assignments and discussions are focussed on how the insights from the course can be applied in practice.

With the course, participants receive professional insights from scientific research conducted all over the world. The course lasts five weeks. During the first week, participants will be introduced to Open Data governance and use. This will be followed by two weeks of plenary lectures and two parallel tracks which will go in-depth on Open Data policies or tools. This knowledge is then applied in the following week during which various practical cases of Open Data governance and use will be described and explored. In the last week, conclusions are drawn from the preceding lectures and activities.

The cost is €220, the course will begin on 24 October and the admission deadline is 17 October. Want to know more about the course? Read more about it by following the link below.

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