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Why open data re-use by public sector entities matters

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Since the COVID-19 pandemic struck, data on infection rates, hospital occupancies and death tolls has been indispensable to guide governments´ actions. From visualising the evolution of the vaccination rate in France to tracking the economic and social recovery in Member States, open data has helped public institutions carry out their daily activities in a more efficient way and to scrutinise key information for decision-making. 

Yet, the importance of governments´ re-use of open data goes beyond crisis management. As stressed during the data.europa academy webinar “Data Demand and Re-Use in the Public Sector , the potential value of open data for the public sector is enormous, but still underused. While a lot of attention has been given to other users of open data—such as data-driven businesses and civil society organisations—more needs to be done to measure data demand by public institutions and to foster open data re-use within the public sector.

To learn more about data demand and re-use by public entities, read our latest blog post on “Why open data re-use in the public sector matters”. The post provides an insightful recap of the related data.europa academy webinar and takes stock of the opportunities and challenges of open data in the public sector, encouraging more knowledge sharing and collaboration across public entities.

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