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Asedie: 12th International Conference

Save the date and join Asedie’s 12th International Conference on Re-use of Public Sector Information

On Friday 27 November at 09:30 to 12:30 CET, Asedie will host its annual International Conference on Re-use of Public Sector Information. Asedie is a leading non-profit business association that drives open data publication and re-use in Spain. This year, the event will be streamed from the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office and will focus on topics such as the connection between (open) data re-use and data protection, artificial intelligence, open government, the data economy as a whole, and digitalisation in the public sector.

The general director of the Spanish Data Protection Agency will start the event and will be followed by presentations from public sector data re-use specialists in various data ecosystems. Among these specialists are members of the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office, the Office of Public Governance, the General Directorate of Transparency, Open Government and Citizen Participation, the Region of Madrid and the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces.

Moreover, for the 7th year in a row, the Asedie Prize will also be awarded. The Asedie Prize honours the work and innovation of institutions, companies or individuals that promoted and contributed to the development of the data sharing space over the last year.

The registration is open on Asedie’s website and the programme will be online shortly.

Interested in learning more about Asedie? Listen to the EDP and Support Centre for Data Sharing team’s webinar session with Casey Abernethy titled “Data Talks: Asedie”.

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