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The bright future of Open Banking

The potential of opening up data in investment banking

Investment banking without data? It is hard to imagine. Investment banking is one of most data-driven industries in today's business. A new report from the Open Data Institute explores the data infrastructure of the banking industry, the levels of sector openness, as well as the challenges and opportunities in using Open Data to create a strong data economy.

The report examines the data assets, processes, technologies and organisations and provides various examples of Open Data case studies from other industries.

A series of recommendations are provided, amongst which the interaction and know-how enhancement via working groups, a viable strategy to manage control and access to data. The report also looks into the opportunities for a more open approach to create long-term value from Open Data in the investment banking sector.

Want to find out more about the findings? Then take a look yourself at the recent report on this rapidly changing sector here.

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