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The Multidimensional Data and Co-Creation conference

EDP's Gianfranco Cecconi discussed Open Data sharing practices at TU Delft

On 22 November, TU Delft hosted the Multidimensional Data and Co-Creation: Benefits for government and industry conference to discuss the role of linked data technologies and co-creation to improve public services in government and industry. The participants discussed topics such as how to teach and improve data literacy, which technologies enable government bodies to use their own data in an interoperable and comparable way that matches international standards and the barriers to PSI.

Key speakers included:

  • TU Delft professor Marijn Janssen, who discussed co-creation enabled data and the challenges to incentivising open data co-creation.
  • Darren Barns from the Office for National Statistics, who conversed about the challenges of data findability, usability and interoperability as well as the opportunities that we are missing from lack of collaboration.
  • European Data Portal's (EDP) Gianfranco Cecconi, who spoke about the importance of open data sharing, the challenges to data discoverability and the roles data portals can play in supporting people to find the data they want.

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