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New Interoperability Maturity Model

How interoperable is your public service?

In May 2017, the ISA2 programme launched the new version of the Interoperability Maturity Model. The Interoperability Maturity Model (IMM) is a user-friendly online tool that helps you to assess the interoperability maturity of your public service.

Nowadays, public administrations can no longer exist in isolation. They must interact with many other administrative bodies, often across borders, and share and utilise services, data, and business processes with them. In other words, they must be interoperable. With regards to Open Data, Core Vocabularies for instance facilitate the seamless exchange of data.

The IMM tool can help public service owners to evaluate and improve their interoperability. It consists of:

  • A compact self-assessment: a 30 minute questionnaire that helps public service owners to consider all the interoperability aspects of their public service;
  • Upon completion, a detailed results report offers tailored analysis, recommendations and concrete guidance for improvement.

Interoperability is of strategic importance to enable trusted information exchange, achieve seamless service delivery across sectors and borders, and optimise the customer experience. By achieving those, public administrations can save time and costs.

Interested? The IMM questionnaire is available online until 17 June 2017 here, and the offline version of the tool is accessible permanently.

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