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Once Only Principle in Malta

National Data Infrastructure to support OOP implementation

On 14 June the SEMIC 2017 Conference took place in Malta. On this occasion, Malta presented a draft of its National Data Strategy. The strategy consists of a number of separate documents that focus on different topics: Data-Driven Public Administration, National Data Infrastructure, and Base Registers for Enterprise Data Sharing. With its National Data Strategy, more specifically with the strategy document on National Data Infrastructures, the Maltese Government targets the implementation of the 'Once-Only Principle' (OOP).

The OOP is described in the European Commission's eGovernment Action Plan 2016-2020 as the principle by which public service customers (be it citizens or businesses) should not have to supply the same information more than once to public administrations. Towards this end, the European Commission launched the Once-Only Principle Project (TOOP) on 1 January 2017.

Building on the initiatives at the EU Level, the Maltese Government sets out to develop four integrated data platforms that will constitute the National Data Infrastructure:

  • The Authorisation, Representation and Authentication Platform,
  • The Foundation Data Layer Platform,
  • The Metadata, Mapping and Data Middleware Platform,
  • The National Data Portal and Data Services Platform.

These platforms will provide the main building blocks for the OOP implementation in Malta and for abolishing repetitive submissions of personal information to public administrations.

More information on the implementation of the Once-Only Principle in Malta can be found on the website of the Information Technology Agency. The presentation given by Malta during the SEMIC 2017 Conference on the proposed National Data Strategy can be found on the Joinup Platform here.

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