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The reconstruction of Emilia-Romagna

Open Data on the reconstruction projects in Emilia-Romagna

In May 2012, the Italian region Emilia-Romagna suffered two major earthquakes causing multiple casualties and widespread damages. To reconstruct the affected regions, multiple programmes were launched with various stakeholders involved. However, due to the plurality of all these programmes, it was sometimes difficult to keep track of who is responsible, which company does what and how the money flows. To therefore make the reconstruction efforts more transparent, a team from the Gran Sasso Science Institute presented an Open Data platform which brings together all information.

The team, consisting of computer scientists, technicians, Open Data experts and researchers, presented their work at the Festival of Participation. While the site is already complete, it will be launched this autumn when all of the required data is available. The platform, called Open Data Ricostruzione, will bring together all the numbers, figures and information on the reconstruction. This information can be visualised, filtered, tracked or mapped to make it accessible. The site will use Open Data to create these databases and they will be downloadable as well in JSON. The project differentiates these databases into four phases: Emergency phase; Public reconstruction; Private reconstruction and Economic progress.

Want to know more about this project or about the reconstruction works in Emilia-Romagna? Follow the link below!

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