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Save the Date: VisHack II

Join VisHack II in the Netherlands on 15 and 16 February

VisHack II is organised by The North Sea Foundation, a foundation that focuses on protecting nature areas, cleaning the sea, sustainable fishing and promoting nature-friendly energy. The organisation aims to solve the greatest natural and environmental challenges in the North Sea by collaborating with businesses, government bodies and individuals interested in sustainable use of the North Sea. The North Sea Foundation is based in the Netherlands.

This hackathon brings together multidisciplinary teams of fishery experts, innovative entrepreneurs, IT and data experts, app and software designers, behavioural and communication experts, students and architects for 33 hours to intensively collaborate on innovative solutions for several challenges formulated by experienced experts - fisherman and scientists.

VisHack II will take place on Friday 15 and Saturday 16 February in Urk, the Netherlands, with the theme "een afvalvrije vesserij", a waste-free fishery. Register and join to discuss and share experiences on how to improve waste processing and delivery within the fishing sector.

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