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Slovenia launches new Open Data portal

Over 170 datasets provided

At the end of 2016, the Slovenian Ministry of Public Administration presented their new Open Data portal. On this portal, called 'OPSI - Odprti podatki Slovenije', Open Data of the whole Slovenian public sector is brought together and made available to the public. The portal, built on Open Source software, is an indirect successor of the National Interoperability Framework Portal. While this portal already presented an extensive number of Open Data sets, providing Open Data was not its core activity. To ensure a primary focus on the users and on Open Data, this new portal is solely dedicated to Open Data activities.

The new portal has a dual function. The first one is providing a central catalogue of all the records and databases of Slovenian public bodies. In this catalogue the metadata about all the Open Data from state authorities, municipalities and other public sector bodies is made available. The second function of the portal is representing a single site where users can find Data in a machine-readable format and with an Open Data licence. This includes Open Data collections which had already been published on different websites.

To help share the stories of organisations making use of Open Data, the portal has a section presenting applications made with their data. A library section is included to provide additional information for visitors regarding Open Data or the policies around this subject in Slovenia and Europe.

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