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Three new eLearning modules available

Version 2.1 of the European Data Portal

After the launch of version 2.0 in March 2017, version 2.1 of the European Data Portal has just gone live. In addition to a number of changes in the back-end, the most prominent update is the availability of three new eLearning modules. This results in a total of 16 eLearning modules being available on our portal. The three new eLearning modules are:

  • Open Data Advocacy - Opening data might require a change in the culture of an organisation. Most organisations are configured to protect their data resources, even when the benefits of openness outweigh the costs. The key to overcoming this resistance is clear: effective communication of the benefits that Open Data can bring. This module prepares you to deliver a tailored pitch for Open Data that highlights value and addresses risks.
  • Managing Change in Open Data - Change management is the process of introducing a long-term transition, change or development in an organisation. Change management is especially important when dealing with large changes, such as the cultural changes needed to succeed with Open Data. In this module, we explore why it is important for organisations to manage change and key elements, to help build a successful Open Data change management process.
  • Achieving Impact with Open Data - The goal of any Open Data project or initiative is to have some kind of impact, be it political transparency and accountability, social benefit or economic growth. Creating, finding and promoting examples of how Open Data is used to improve our daily lives is one of the most challenging aspects of leading an Open Data initiative. This module further explores the impact of Open Data in this context.

Explore the new modules yourself in our eLearning section!

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