Winners of the Sharing & Reuse Awards made public! |
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Winners of the Sharing & Reuse Awards made public!

Winners awarded during Sharing & Reuse Conference

The European Commission announced the winners of the Sharing and Reuse Awards during the Sharing & Reuse Conference on 29 March in Lisbon. Modernising public administration through sharing and reuse of IT solutions was the leading theme of the event. Participants discussed how sharing and reusing open source IT solutions enables public administrations to deliver better electronic services to citizens at a reduced cost while promoting interoperability, standardisation and cooperation among them.

As a highlight of the conference, the Sharing & Reuse Awards Ceremony rewarded the best cases of collaboration among public administrations to provide shared IT solutions. The contest was launched in July 2016. In total, 118 applications were received, out of which 96 fulfilled the eligibility criteria. The Evaluation Committee shortlisted 17 best solutions in 4 categories: cross-border, national, regional and local.

First and second prizes of €15,000 and €10,000 respectively have been granted to the winning teams in each category. Eight solutions in the 3rd and 4th place have received the Certificate of Excellence. The solutions were awarded in the recognition of outstanding contribution to more efficient public services for citizens and businesses in Europe by sharing and reusing IT solutions in the public sector.

Curious to know who the winners are? The full list of winners is available here.

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