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Winter has started

What Open Data is published concerning winter?

Today, 21 December, is the shortest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere also known as Winter Solstice. In many countries, this day to mark the end of autumn and the start of winter and is therefore celebrated. The most famous example of a tradition concerning winter solstice is the Stonehenge monument in the United Kingdom, of which one side is aligned with today's sunset. While a query on 'Stonehenge' on the European Data Portal results in only 6 Open Data sets, looking for 'winter' results in many more. What can these 920 data sets tell us about the new season?

Perhaps not surprising, there is Open Data available providing information on the temperature and climate in this season. There are also many sets available which mention winter as they concern information with the effect or consequences of the winter weather. For example with temperatures below zero many countries take measures to prevent roads from becoming too slippery, either by ploughing roads from snow or by de-icing the roads. As these activities can be of interest for daily commuters, Open Data is published informing preventive routes. The winter season is also the time for many (migratory) birds to head South for warmer weather, such as in France. From Italy there is no meteorological Open Data available where winter is mentioned but there is data on the opening hours of cable way installations during winter, a necessity for those who want to go skiing in this season.

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