Create valuable applications by using the Earth observation data |
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Create valuable applications by using the Earth observation data

Hackathon challenge in Austria

Since 2016, Copernicus Open Data is available in Austria. On 4 and 5 November, an Open Data hackathon will be organised in order to explore and exploit the Copernicus datasets. The aim of this hackathon is to generate exciting crowd-sourced use cases of the data. The hackathon takes place in Vienna, Austria.

Copernicus is the European Programme for the establishment of a European capacity for Earth Observation. It collects data from multiple sources: earth observation satellites and in situ sensors such as ground stations, air-borne and sea-borne sensors.

The challenge will be technically enabled by the Earth Observation Data Centre (EODC) - an Austrian company dedicated to foster the use of earth observation data, based in Vienna. It is a public-private partnership (PPP) of Austrian universities, companies, the state meteorological service and individuals with currently 15 partner institutions from 8 different countries. The hackathon is enabled by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG), which is the national funding agency for industrial research and development in Austria.

Why participate?

  • Create meaningful applications that have an impact for society
  • Engage with other people interested in topics such as climate change, geography, big data, open data
  • Win appealing and exciting prizes

Interested? Read more about it following the link below.

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