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Europe goes local

European Week of Regions and Cities

Every year, the Committee of the Regions and the European Commission organise the four-day European Week of Regions and Cities. During this event, the local and regional level can showcase its capacity to create growth and jobs, its role in the cohesion policy of the European Union and to demonstrate its importance for good European governance. This year, the headline of the week is 'Regions and cities for sustainable and inclusive growth' and the event will take place from 10 to 13 October, in Brussels.

During this European Week of Regions and Cities, the headline will be explored through three thematic strands. The first, 'Sustained and sustainable economic growth', explores the opportunities for regions and cities to foster growth and jobs in the light of the internationalisation of Europe's economies. The second theme, 'Inclusive economic growth', takes a closer look at the development and implementation of labour market and social inclusion policies at a local level. The last theme, Making ESI Funds simpler, addresses how the European funding structures for regional and local public administrations can be improved. These themes will be explored by a number of presentations, workshops and seminars during which the role of Open Data on the regional or local level will not be left out.

While the main event will take place in Brussels, between September and November a number of smaller events will be organised throughout Europe. This interactive map will help you locate events held near you. The programme of the event can be found here and general information about the event can be found by following the link below.

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