European Open Data Leaders came together in Brussels |
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European Open Data Leaders came together in Brussels

What happened at the European Open Data Leaders Network workshop?

On 22 November 2016, the European Open Data Leaders Network (EODLN) meeting took place at the Martin's Hotel EU in Brussels. A selected group of ten European leaders working with Open Data took part in a full day of training and peer support, facilitated by the Open Data Institute (ODI) and supported by the European Data Portal. The EODLN is the European version of the ODI's successful international Open Data Leaders Network.

Through interactive discussions and sharing experiences of using Open Data in their work, participants were provided with the necessary knowledge and tools to effectively lead Open Data initiatives and share ideas with outstanding peers. The first session focused on defining innovation and discussed successful examples of innovation in government. Questions were related to how those examples could be applied to their own organisations and how this could drive change with Open Data.

During the second session short case studies were presented with a particular focus on Open Data innovation, user engagement and the context behind Open Data maturity. Participants were encouraged to find solutions for their own organisations, based on active discussions and thinking out of the box.

The third session focused on how Open Data can offer benefits to all in the years to come while the fourth and final session explored different ways to put the learnings of the workshop into practice in the near future.

Also in 2017 several EODLN workshops will be organised by the European Data Portal. If you hold a key position within your administration and are interested to attend one of these one day workshops, then keep an eye on the EDP's latest news section to know when the next workshop will take place.

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