Introducing ASEDIE's 7th annual report! |
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Introducing ASEDIE's 7th annual report!

ASEDIE has released their 7th annual report on the Infomediary Sector, available in Spanish and English

11 April 2019, ASEDIE published their 7th annual report (available in Spanish and English) on the Spanish Infomediary Sector and its impact on the Spanish economy. The report includes an analysis of nearly 700 companies and their position within the Spanish economy. In this report, ASEDIE found that the Spanish Infomediary Sector earned about €1.8 billion in 2017 - an increase of 5% from 2016. There are several factors contributing to the rise in revenue. One factor is the increase in sales from the different subsectors within the Infomediary sector, such as the Meteorological, Geographic Information, Economic & Financial, and Market Studies subsector. Another factor is the rise in employment: the Spanish Infomediary Sector employed more than 20.000 people in 2017 - a 4.6% increase from 2016 and above the Spanish average increase of roughly 3%.

From the subsectors, the Meteorological one has been identified as the healthiest in the market because 64% of the companies were identified as a minimum commercial risk. The two subsectors that generated the most money between 2016 and 2017 were the Geographic Information subsector and the Economic & Finance subsector, with the turnover of €456 and €416 million respectively. In addition, Geographic Information has been identified as the subsector with the highest number of employees within the Infomediary Sector (almost 30% of the 20,000).

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