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Join the ODI Summit 2021

Bring together cutting-edge ideas, people and policies in the data space.

Join the online ODI (Open Data Institute) Summit 2021 on 2 November and explore the relationship between people and data!

The role that data plays in our lives has been increasing, especially over the past year. We read online news stories, use health tracking apps, or shop online. Data is not the preserve of an expert minority; many people have become ‘data people’, meaning they are conscious with the data they produce, use, and share. The ODI’s annual conference brings together cutting-edge ideas, people and policies in the data space to show what it means to be data people.

This year’s edition of the ODI Summit will explore different relationships between people and data. For example, how people can have a say in how data is collected and shared, finding new ways to share data across boundaries and borders, how businesses use data to build relationships with customers and shareholder, or what can be learned about managing a global crisis by understanding people’s health and behaviour.

To learn more about this year’s speakers, check out the programme of 2021.

Interested to attend? You can still register for the online event!

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