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More transparency through Open Data

German district Lüneburg presents new Open Data Portal

The district Lüneburg, situated in the German state of Lower Saxony, was one of the first counties to have its own Open Data Portal. To further develop the functionalities of this portal, they have released a new version with more data and more services. In this new portal, the county now provides access to more than 100 records. With the portal, the local authority wants to strengthen its transparency and encourage local participation by its citizens. Furthermore, as most of their data is indirectly funded by the taxpayers they want to share (relevant) data where possible.

The new portal brings a number of improvements in the provision of the information to the public. The most important improvements are found in the nature of the data and how it can be accessed. For example all data is now provided in an Open Data format and is machine readable. The data has also become available by API. This last development already enabled a local company to enrich their application on bathwater quality with Open Data from the portal.

Before any data is published on the portal it is first checked in order to ensure no personal, proprietary or security related information is released. With the portal ready for more data, the upcoming (local) election results of September are planned to be the next release of new data. However, the organisation also encourages citizens to send suggestions or data requests to a specific mail address. Want to know more about the new portal or broader Open Data developments in Lüneburg? Read the press release by following the link below.

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