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Il-portal uffiċjali għad-data Ewropea

New COVID-19 open data from Austria

Adding information about distribution of the Nuvaxovid vaccine

At the end of December 2021, the European Medical Association authorised the use of the protein-based Nuvaxovid vaccine. With shipments arriving in Member States, open-data portals have started to track their distribution and use.

In Austria, on 1 March 2022, the Austrian Open Data Portal updated their open data files to include information about Nuvaxovid. This data, published as a CSV file, includes COVID-19 vaccine doses administered by age and gender, divided by province, for all approved vaccines.

Various government-run dashboards at a national and regional level use open data to visualise the situation with COVID-19, including the COVID-19 dashboard for the western most province of Voralberg. Their dashboard shows, at a glance, the number of people vaccinated and with how many doses.

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