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Il-portal uffiċjali għad-data Ewropea

The new data.europa academy is live!

data.europa academy updated its structure to support users in discovering and finding learning materials on open data

The open data landscape has been continuously evolving since the first Public Sector Information Directive was published in 2003. Since then, and considering the continuously evolving data landscape across Europe, materials such as e-learning modules, research reports, webinars, and tools were created to enhance understanding of various open data topics. These include both technical aspects (e.g., real-time data, linked data and DCAT-AP), as well as legal policies (e.g., competition law, licensing, and the sharing of non-personal data) data visualisation, and open data best practices, for example.

In 2021, launched the data.europa academy with the aim of becoming a learning hub and the single access point for open data resources from European countries, EU institutions, agencies, and bodies. Through the data.europa academy’s available materials, viewers access education material on the various aforementioned open data topics. However, the abundance of materials on the platform made it difficult to find relevant information and interesting topics. To address this issue, the academy underwent a technical update and a restructuring of the available courses and materials, which includes:

  • An update of the system’s backend architecture to allow a new structuring of courses and lessons;
  • The development of a teaser and full-page display for courses and lessons;
  • The regrouping of 38 courses on data.europa academy into 11 courses and 60 lessons to improve accessibility to almost 200 learning materials;
  • The introduction of levels (beginner, advanced and expert), three new themes (Business, Legal and Communication), target audiences; and keywords to facilitate discoverability and findability;
  • An update of the descriptions for all courses and lessons.

Following the update, the lessons and materials will be constantly updated based on new materials being published on, especially webinars and reports, ensuring they are in line with the latest developments in the field of open data. Explore the data.europa academy to discover more!

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