Spanish universities offer more open data courses |
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Spanish universities offer more open data courses

Universities respond to the current shortage of data skills

In March 2019, the Spanish open data portal updated its list of Spanish university degrees, master programmes and courses that focus on data management and data analysis. In comparison to the latest version from August 2018, a continuous growth of data education offered in Spain can be observed. This trend towards more data-related degrees, masters and courses shows that universities are adapting their programmes to the current market demand for professionals specialising in data management and analysis. One example of a new course introduced in the Polytechnic University of Catalonia is Maps and Open Data: programming, organisation and analysis of Geodata.

In addition to an increase in data related degrees and courses where students can acquire data-related skills and knowledge with a technical focus, business schools are also offering data specialisations, for example in big data, data science and management or artificial intelligence. Here, students can gain knowledge of new data trends and techniques. Examples are the Executive Master in Data Science for Professionals and the Expert Program in Artificial Intelligence for the Company. Furthermore, there is an increase of highly specialised trainings in specific areas, such as the Master in research, visualization and data journalism at the International University of La Rioja.

For more information about the different degrees, masters and courses on data in Spain, read the Spanish open data portal's article "The universities increase their open data offer (II)".

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