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What is government property within Czech Republic?

Ministry of Finance opens up new data

The Czech Ministry of Finance opened up its data from the Central Registry of Office Buildings (CRAB), the registry running the Office of the Government Representation in Property Affairs. By publishing this data, the Ministry of Finance wants to take the next step in creating maximum transparency and strengthening public control.

The published dataset is a rich source of information related to all the financial proceedings concerning government (real estate) properties. With this information, citizens get the opportunity to determine how much the state institutions pay for the lease of buildings, if this lease corresponds to the national average of real estate lease or whether they are above or below. Besides the costs of the lease of real estate, data is also published about the operating expenses and revenues for individual objects. Based on this data, a distinction and comparison can be made between the costs of property, be it completely or partly owned by the government or leased.

The CRAB has been improving the quality of its datasets prior to publication. With the revised and completed dataset, the Registry already managed to save more than €100 million in state budget. By releasing this data, it would now like to include citizens' participation in the control of public expenditure.

Want to know more about the data or explore them yourself? Find out more by following the link below.

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