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Who is using Open Data in Spain?

Report on the Spanish 'Infomediary sector'

The Spanish association ASEDI, Asociación Multisectorial de la Información, regularly releases a report with interesting findings on the (Spanish) companies which are using Open Data. In this report they take a closer look at what is defined as the 'Infomediary' sector. Companies in this sector (re-)use public and/or private information to create value-added products or services for third parties or the public sector. For many of these companies, Open Data plays an important role in their business model, making it interesting to get to know more about them.

The report provides information on a number of indicators such as the industry sector, age, financial developments and others. Based on the assessment of 602 companies, the report identifies a growing importance of data (Open and Big) analysis for companies to make more accurate business decisions. In order to improve the accuracy of these decisions, the report expects a growing demand for (the reuse of) public and private information in the coming years. The full report is available by following the link below.

Is your company also adding value with Open Data but not included in this report? The European Data Portal is currently researching re-use of Open Data at the company level to which you can participate as well. Read more about this here and participate today!

Read more: http://www.asedie.es/assets/2016_infomediarysectorreport_en.pdf

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