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AR19: Understanding supply and demand on the European Data Portal

The 19th analytical report on the EDP

The European Data Portal (EDP) recently published the 19th analytical report: “Understanding supply and demand on the European Data Portal”. The report prepared by the University of Southampton provides a detailed analysis of the relationship between supply and demand of datasets on the EDP.

The report is broken up into two parts, i.e. an initial study of dataset search through the lens of the digital traces collected via web analytics tools, and a deep-dive into supply and demand for COVID-19 data and into the impact of auxiliary content such as data stories, topical articles, and promotion campaigns on search behaviour.

Based on the findings, the report recommends that dataset publishers and open data platforms software:

  1. Create curated content about relevant datasets and showcase them on a dedicated section of the site.
  2. Design their portal with user-journeys and information needs in mind. User journeys that start on the portal vary widely from those that land on the portal.
  3. Monitor the portal regularly to discover the categories that are in demand.

AR19 gives us detailed insights into common user journeys in dataset discovery and into the information needs that EDP should aim to meet.

Curious for more? Read the full article and stay tuned for the next analytical report: “Copernicus data for the open data community”.

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