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Data Talks: Tree of Truth

Save the date and join the webinar on the Estonian strategic monitoring tool with Mart Mägi

On 24 February, the Director General of Statistics Estonia, Mart Mägi, will join the European Data Portal (EDP) and the Support Centre for Data Sharing (SCDS) for a Data Talks on the “Tree of Truth”.

The Tree of Truth is an online dashboard that is visualised as a tree. Each branch of the tree represents a category of the Estonian national strategy, e.g. public security, environment policy, or education. The website, created by Statistics Estonia, is primarily aimed at policymakers and can also be used by citizens to keep track of the national strategic goals.

During the session Mart will discuss the project, its developments over time, and how it supplies policymakers with data and supports them in making data-driven decisions.

Register here and join us on Wednesday 24 February at 11:00 CET!
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