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Digital trends in the construction and built environment sector

The Advanced Technology for Industry (ATI) project presents innovative developments

Over the last year, nearly all sectors have shifted to virtual ways of working. For those sectors whose activity is deeply rooted in the physical world, such as in the construction and built environment sector, this sparked the need to monitor even better what is happening on working sites and prevent efficiency loss whilst still delivering successful projects. New technologies are emerging that make this possible.

For instance, cameras with 360° angles can be installed in building sites to monitor progress from a distance. Using the data from the cameras, a site can be reconstructed in 3D-modelling programmes to detect possible issues or delays. The information provided by smart monitoring also provides knowledge on air pollution and noise. By using technologies such as cloud computing and data reporting, the response to developments can be more efficient and effective in real-time. These innovations have also led to more and better integration of the data that is sourced from the many companies that need being involved in projects. Integration can also significantly reduce the administrative workload.

Have a look at the technological trends and policies within the EU by the Advanced Technology for Industry (ATI) project to get more insights.

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