How is it going with the Connecting Europe Facility? |
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How is it going with the Connecting Europe Facility?

Midterm evaluation

When the European Union was developing the Single Market, an important step was removing barriers for goods to flow freely across its Member States. For a smooth and free European Digital Single Market, the European Commission is also set to remove barriers which hinder the free flow of (digital) data. An important instrument by which the Commission is taking away these barriers is the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF). With this instrument the Commission supports cross-border European networks and infrastructures in the sectors of transport, telecommunications and energy.

With a running period from 2014 to 2020, the ongoing CEF workprogrammes are supporting actions dedicated to building Digital Service Infrastructures (DSIs), delivering networked cross-border services for citizens, businesses and public administrations. For this reason, engaged stakeholders who provide their review of the project are invaluable. To collect their views, the Commission is currently running a mid-term evaluation in which stakeholders are asked to fill in a questionnaire. In this questionnaire, the focus is primarily on whether the necessary conditions are in place to allow the programme meet its strategy and achieve its objectives.

The consultation runs until 27 February and all contributions will help the European Commission and its stakeholders to achieve the objectives, take away barriers and bring the Digital Single Market further.

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