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Let's talk about APIs

The API Days Nordic Conference 2016

Developments of the recent years such as Internet of Things or Open Data have put a major focus on APIs. After all, the biggest potential of these developments is to enable the automated communication of data between services or products. Machine-to-Machine communication is only possible with the implementation of an API which fits the need of the system. With programs such as "6Aika" and "Estonian eResidency" the Scandinavian and Baltic states have pioneered in sharing data and eGovernment at both national and city level.

The API Days Nordic Conference 2016 gathers the API community behind these innovative programmes in one event to share knowledge, best practices, success stories and insights of the API economy. So if you want to know more about API terms such as "API Economy", "API Design" or "API Documentation" this is the event for you. It will take place on the 18th and 19th of May in Tampere, Finland. Find information about the event on Twitter by using the hashtag #APIDaysNordic.

Read more: https://apidaysnordic.github.io/

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