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Looking for Europe's top innovator

Vote now for the Innovation Radar Prize 2016

To stimulate the development of digital innovations, the European Union is funding numerous projects in a broad range of fields. To identify Europe's top future innovators and their innovations, the European Commission has launched a competition to find and celebrate the best among these projects. During the whole month of August, people will be able to vote for their favourite project among 40 nominees.

The 40 EU-funded projects come from every part of Europe and range from SME's to university teams, spinoffs and start-ups. With their work they have the potential to create impact in many sectors or subjects. To illustrate their diversity, the projects are active on issues ranging from transport logistics to water management to treatment of cancer patients to even the management of bee populations.

To select the 40 nominees, the European Commission used the Innovation Radar. This data-driven engine aims to identify high potential innovations and the key innovators among the projects which received EU- funding through R&I programmes such as Horizon 2020. Since 2014 the European Commission DG Connect has been collecting data about EU-funded digital projects. Based on this data, the Joint Research Centre's Institute for Prospective Technological Studies developed a model by which DG Connect has been analysing this input to extract insights and intelligence about the best innovations and innovators. Do you want to know more about this competition or want to vote for your favourite project? Read more by following the link below.

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