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Register now for the ELIXIR conference: Open Data in Action

Innovation with Open Data from Life Science

ELIXIR is the European life-science infrastructure for biological information. They are organising a conference on 4 February 2016, in Brussels. Are you interested in bioinformatics and health in relation to Open Data? The programme of this one-day event focuses on life science topics stimulating innovation and Open Data policies. With a growing number of complex data generated from research projects, the importance of achieving a secure life science data infrastructure is becoming increasingly apparent.

The conference will address different perspectives from funders, to infrastructure operators and users across industry and academia. Discussions will be structured around three driving topics: Open Data for Innovation, Bioinformatics resources in action and Understanding the value of an Open Data infrastructure.

Register now for the conference that will be held on 4 February 2016 in Brussels, Belgium.

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