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Roadmap for Future Research in Data-Driven Policy Making

Contribute to the Big Policy Canvas's roadmap for Future Research Directions in Data-Driven Policy Making

The Big Policy Canvas consortium has published their first version of the Roadmap for Future Research Directions in Data-Driven Policy Making. This roadmap aims to define the different research and innovation directions that can be pursued by the public sector to tackle societal challenges through new data-driven policy making approaches. To achieve this aim, the roadmap will build on previous projects, such as SONNETS, CROSSOVER, CROSSROAD, eGovRTD2020, and PHS2020, because these projects adopted a policy-oriented approach that includes foresight about future directions of data-driven policy making by combining road mapping with scenario building techniques.

The road mapping exercise will consist of three steps:

  1. Identifying the gaps and external framework factors that hinder the rapid and effective uptake of data-driven policy making and policy implementation solutions and approaches.
  2. Elaborating on a set of future research challenges and application scenarios that relate to the use of big data in policy making.
  3. Defining a set of practical research directions and recommendations for all the stakeholders involved.

Currently, the first version of the roadmap only presents a set of research needs that comes from the gap analysis. Contribute to the roadmap by providing your view on the future research directions in data-driven policy making by 19 July!

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