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Bulgaria opens up more data

Deputy PM Bachvarova announces 481 datasets to be published in 2016

During the conference "Data's Choice - One Year On" the Bulgarian government announced the release of hundreds of new sets of Open Data. This means a tripling in the number of sets published by the Bulgarian government on their portal.

Thanks to the publication of more Open Data, the government expects the portal to generate 154 million Lev (equivalent of €78 million) of direct benefits by the end of 2020. The great potential of the Bulgarian Open Data Portal is already visible, with on average 5,000 visitors a month from 126 countries. With the inclusion of the aforementioned sets, the number of visitors is expected to grow.

Do you want to know more about the announcement? Read the article linked below.

Read more: http://www.dnevnik.bg/bulgaria/2016/05/10/2757052_do_2020_g_se_ochakvat_154_mln_lv_preki