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Discover the data.europa academy: First course, ‘Introducing open data’

Learn what is covered in the first course of the data.europa academy, introducing the concept and benefits of open data

The restructured data.europa academy consists of 11 courses covering a variety of open data topics to develop open data knowledge and skills. The first course, ‘Introducing open data’, will introduce the concept of open data, help you better understand its benefits and learn how to unlock its value in the digital age. At a beginner level, you will fully understand the possibilities that can be achieved with open data and

The course covers 5 lessons, and based on your knowledge and experience you can choose which one to follow. The first lesson ‘What is open data?’ starts with the basics, providing an explanation of the concept and why it matters. The second lesson ‘What is the value of open data’ dives deeper into uncovering the value of open data to make the most out of it. The third lesson, ‘Advocating for open data’, provides the tools to make a compelling case for the use of open data. Following that, the lesson ‘Open data as a catalyst of innovation’ explains how open data can drive transformation by delving deeper into the role of culture and change management. The last lesson of this first course is called ‘Unlocking the benefits of open data with’, where you can discover how to unleash the full potential of open data with

The different lessons include real-world examples, inspirational use cases and technical and legal advice through webinars, videos, e-learnings and reading materials. Recordings of data.europa academy webinars will be added as learning material when relevant for the specific lesson, for example, the webinar on the European Year of Skills and the role of open data as part of the lesson ‘Unlocking the benefits of open data with’.

Do you want to learn more? Join us and discover the full potential of open data!

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