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European Data Portal eLearning transcripts available

Transcripts available in English and French

The European Data Portal eLearning programme provides those interested in discovering more about Open Data a simple and clear introduction to Open Data. The programme covers the main aspects of Open Data - from its definition and benefits, to choosing the right data format and licence, cleaning up data and sustainability of Open Data. The eLearning programme consists of 16 different modules. Users will learn more about the definition of the concept as well as related issues, and read success stories from all over Europe. We introduce the major trends in Open Data, and explain how people publish, access, and use it.

The transcripts of all 16 eLearning modules are now available on the European Data Portal, allowing users to easily access the original texts and possibly translate it into other languages. Readers are therefore kindly invited to share possible translations with us, which could then be used as subtitles for the videos. Transcripts are available both in English and French, and can be accessed on the eLearning page.

Would you like to know more about Open Data? Then explore all our eLearning modules!

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