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European research now Open by Default

Horizon 2020 presents updated Work Programme

Following an update of the Work Programme of Horizon 2020, the EU's research and innovation funding programme, the European Commission announced to invest €8.5 billion into research and innovation in 2017. The main novelty in this update is the introduction of Open Research Data for all new Horizon 2020 calls for proposals. It is already mandatory for scientific publications funded by Horizon 2020 to be published under an Open Access licence. The update means that also the research data generated as a result of this funding will be made openly available by default. This will boost competitiveness through open science by accelerating innovation and collaboration, improving transparency and avoiding doing duplicate research.

From 2017 onwards, all Horizon 2020 grantees are required to provide access to the data underlying their scientific publications and to provide access to other research data of their choice. The data can be deposited in any repository of their choice as long as the Open Access portal OpenAIRE is informed. In principle all research data should be made openly available but exceptions can be made upon request by the grantee. The top three reasons to opt-out are privacy concerns, intellectual property rights, or when publication might jeopardise the project's main objective.

By making the underlying research data openly available, European Commissioner Carlos Moedas wants to decrease the gap between public understanding and science work and avoid descending in a 'post-factual society'. Follow this link to find out more about the research data requirements or read more about the motivations to go for 'Open by Default' by following the link below.

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