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Michael Lewis shows the importance of open weather data

"The Coming Storm" explains the development of open weather data generation and re-use in the US

In Michael Lewis' recently published audiobook "The Coming Storm", he investigates the importance of open weather data in the US with valuable insights about open (weather) data governance around the world.

"Without that data and the Weather Service that makes sense of it, no plane would fly, no bridge would be built, and no war would be fought ... at least, not well", Lewis explains. Especially the hurricane warning system of the National Weather Service system, based on open weather data, is vital for citizens in some regions in the United States.

The audiobook also shows how the warnings of the Weather Service became more impactful by re-using data from sociodemographic studies and statistics on how to communicate weather information in an understandable and actionable way.

Lewis also discusses the roles of public and private institutions providing weather related services. He reflects on current political developments and their impact on society benefitting from open data. Read more about the audiobook or browse the European Data Portal for open weather data.