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Open Data Maturity in Europe 2018

Read the EDP's Open Data Maturity Report and discover who Europe's top performers are

Last Monday, the European Data Portal released their fourth annual report: the "Open Data Maturity in Europe 2018: New horizons for Open Data driven transformation". The report measures the state of play of open data in Europe and highlights how open data can be used as a strategic asset to enable successful transformation at a country level. It also provides specific recommendations on how a country can improve their usage of open data to make an impact, share knowledge and build and maintain a data ecosystem.

Countries were assessed in four dimensions - policy, portal, impact and quality - to enable a more granular understanding of the actual maturity and to compare the efforts and performance across Member States. Based on the scores in the four dimensions, the countries were categorised into four groups: Beginners - Think big, act small; Followers - Strengthen governance, boost engagement; Fast-trackers - Graduate from traction to impact and Trend-setters - Maintain the ecosystem, experiment and share the knowledge.

The report does not only benchmark open data maturity in Europe but also allows to understand general and specific challenges and best practices to further support Member States in exploiting the full potential of open data.

Discover Europe's top performers in open data and their strategy for a successful data driven transformation and look if your country is ready for open data transformation! Share your thoughts and opinions on the report, open data and data sharing with EDP via mail, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

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