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Open data to support the Alpine area

How Data Economy Alps Strategy aims to improve open data practices in the region


Data Economy Alps Strategy (DEAS) is an EU project that is led by Regione Veneto and aims to stimulate market competitiveness and new businesses in the Alpine Space. To do this, the project will improve the value and use of open data for public services and enterprises; increase the market competitiveness of the Alpine region in the environment, tourism and culture, and mobility sectors through the exploitation of open data; and improve the Alpine Digital Agenda.  By doing this, the DEAS project will strengthen and reinforce the impact of the EU Digital Single Market Strategy and Action Plan, with a focus on Alpine strategic sectors that benefit from using open data.

On 28 June 2022, DEAS project partners met with representatives of the European Union to share strategies and priorities on open data in the Alpine area. The objectives of this webinar were to update the representatives and viewers on what is happening in the Alpine sector, including how open data is being used to boost the creation of new and customer-oriented services and products for citizens, tourists and entrepreneurs; and strategies on how to enhance the availability, usability, and processing of open data in Alpine area in coordination with EU strategies.

Going forward, the DEAS project will continue to explore the potential of open data and big data for the Alpine region. For more information visit the project website and watch the event.


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