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Open public transport and mobility data in Spain

Spanish municipalities are publishing open transport and mobility data

Open data plays a vital role in helping public authorities manage basic services, such as public transportation. This is because data provides policymakers with unique insights, such as how to reduce transportation costs and improve public transportation services to help commuters travel efficiently and sustainably from point a to b.

Due to open data potential benefits and impact, countries are publishing datasets such as transport and mobility data to support public authorities in managing their basic services. One example of a country embracing open transport and mobility data is Spain.

In previous years, Spain scored rather poorly with their open transport and mobility data with 15 points out of 100 in the fourth edition of the Open Data Barometer in 2016. However, in 2018 there was an advancement of open transport and mobility data publication. For example, the municipal transport company of Madrid EMT Madrid launched MyNavega, a service that allows users to configure maps and data, and announced that they are working on a new API to improve data access. Moreover, the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona (AMB) has announced that they will launch a geoportal to allow users to view and download detailed maps of topography, land uses, orthophotos and public transport details for the 36 municipalities in Barcelona.

For more information about Spanish municipalities publishing open transport data, read Spain's open data portal's article about open transport data in Spain.

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