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The Open Revolution

"Choosing Open is the path to a more equitable, innovative and profitable future for all"

The new book by Rufus Pollock The Open Revolution emphasises the need to open up data and increase awareness for the concept of publicly available information. In his book he discusses digital democracy and the question of ownership of digital information.

Data has become a prerequisite to our daily processes affecting public, businesses, politics and culture. Digital information can be distributed easily and swiftly, which makes control more vital. To protect (private) data is one measurement of control. However, it does not target data monopolies which keep vast valuable data locked up. Pollock states that data owners have increasing influence and power to shape future processes. To support inequality, make medicine affordable, redistribute the power of tech monopolies and support innovation, a proactive decision is needed towards opening more data, the book concludes. The book is free for download by a "pay what feels right" model. Engage in Open Data by following the newsletter of the Open Data Portal or follow the discourse on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook.

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