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Save the date for the EUH4D Data Forum

The annual event in the EUH4D framework that creates awareness around European Big Data

On Tuesday 30 March, the European federation of Data Driven Innovation Hubs host the EUH4D Data Forum. This annual event brings together experts in the field of European Big Data, and offers a platform for raising awareness around data, sharing best practices, and receiving input on strategy and policy from the European Commission.

Strengthening cross-border data innovation is and has been a key priority for the European Commission for many years. Yet, the opportunities that cross-border data innovation enables are not fully exploited, as legal, ethical, and technical challenges still create friction. The EUH4D Data Forum helps understanding these challenges, demonstrates which developments Europe has seen so far, and proposes ideas for speeding up cross-border data driven innovation across Europe.

Find the schedule, register, and join the webinar.

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