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What do you know about data?

Discover data with an app

AppChallenge, one of the showcased companies in the report "Re-using Open Data", was asked by the UK Data Service to come up with a way to make data and statistics more fun for young people. Because of the popularity of pub quizzes in the United Kingdom, AppChallenge decided to tackle this question with a quiz application. The questions and answers of this 'pubquiz' are based on freely available Open Data.

Although the application finds its origins in the United Kingdom, it features quizzes about many European countries. By taking these quizzes, players get to know more about countries but also what type of data is available with this kind of information. For example, the percentage of Germans who are satisfied with their life according to the European Quality of Life Surveys or the GDP of Poland based on data from the WorldBank.

With the application, people are introduced to various data sources and trivia in a playful manner. Because of the structure of using multiple external data sources, the application is very flexible and is expected to include quizzes on many more countries in the upcoming months. More can be read about the UKDS Data quiz on the blog of AppChallenge or it can be downloaded directly on Google Play or on the App Store.

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