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Measuring success in Open Data initiatives

Session Overview: This session looks at the key indicators for success in an Open Data initiative and introduces the Open Data Barometer as a key tool for measuring and comparing success.

Session number: 6

Expected participants: Relevant to all, special relevance to those involved in national Open Data programmes (for a more general assessment see Session 3)

Type: Training

Length: 1-1.5 hours

Exercises: Yes

Web based exercises: Yes

What to bring: Slides, Flipchart, Paper & Pens


Session Flow:

  1. Exploration of the key characteristics of successful Open Data initiatives - The facilitator should examine the metrics for success outlined in the Open Data Barometer and explore with participants how readiness, implementation and impact combine to create successful national Open Data programmes.
  2. Introduction to the Open Data Barometer - The facilitator should introduce the Open Data barometer (link below) and outline the key aspects such as the country-by-country ranking, 3 axes of evaluation, dataset bubbles and 4 demographic categories.
  3. Barometer case study - The facilitator should examine one or two chosen countries from the barometer to see what their performance tells us about the priorities of their national Open Data programmes. The facilitator should place particular emphasis on the impact axis of the graph to demonstrate how the priorities translate into real-world results.



  • Open Data Barometer - The Open Data barometer is a global ranking of 86 countries’ Open Data initiatives and contains qualitative and quantitative evaluation of their progress along three axes: Readiness, Implementation and Impact.
  • About the Open Data Barometer - Explanation of the barometer and its dimensions.


Companion eLearning Modules:

When running this session, we recommend that participants complete the following eLearning module before attending:

Measuring success for Open Data

Completion of the module will help your learners develop a shared understanding of the material before the course and allow you to focus in greater depth on those topics of most interest to the trainees.

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