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Data spaces: Discovering the building blocks

  • 06 October 2023
  • Online, Europe

The webinar will take place online on Friday 6 October from 10.00 to 11.30 CET.  

The common European data spaces are a key element of the European data strategy bringing together relevant data infrastructures and governance frameworks, enabling data pooling and sharing. Given the importance of this matter, the data.europa academy initiated the webinar series on ‘Data spaces’ inviting experts to introduce the definition of data spaces, explain the building blocks behind data spaces and the state of play of strategic sectorial data spaces. Throughout these sessions, the audience will gain a clear understanding of data spaces and their overall importance in the creation of the single market of data.  

Data spaces are strong and collaborative alternative to platforms, creating multi-sided business models serving both supply and demand of data. In this third webinar of the series ‘Data spaces: Discovering the building blocks’, we will get to know more about the technical infrastructures behind data spaces and unveil the building blocks of these interoperable and sovereign systems. With speakers from strategic sectors (European Commission, private sector and academia) we will dive into the data models and the solutions to build up these data spaces. 

Data spaces: Discovering the building blocks

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